Health Care & Secure Environments

Hospitals are committed to promoting the health, safety and welfare of all its staff, patients and visitors. Health and safety practices are embedded throughout an organisation to provide a secure environment in which to work. Hospital security staff and arrangements keep patients, staff and visitors safe from inappropriate behaviour such as violence and aggression.

Maintenance Solutions Staff understand dynamic risk and risk aversion and not just in the clinical sense of working within those special environments.

Our staff are all: -

  • We encourage pre-start meetings to ensure all staff and service users understand the planned work and what impact this may have on any services.
  • Advanced DBS checked.
  • Trained in understanding the needs to be addressed working within these specific to environments.
  • Experienced / trained in the fitting of Anti Ligature and Secure products.
  • Complete a tool check pre, during and post during the task.
  • Issue a handover checklist to ensure all material / equipment is accounted for.


Not only are we trained and experienced in working special environments we are one of the market leaders in the design, suitability and installation of Anti Ligature Products.

  • We have the ability to carry out environment assessments for suitability of products.
  • Offer independent advice on the best products for the environments.
  • Manufacturer trained to install anti ligature products correctly.
  • We are fully trained to test and install load release products such as curtain and cubical tracks.