Building & Fire Doors

Fire Doors Installation

Maintenance Solutions specialises in the installation and maintenance of fire doors, frames and screens. This includes front entrance doorsets, communal doors and fire exits within single and multi-storey residential buildings.

We are not tired manufacturer and are therefore in the unique position of being able to offer the most appropriate, cost-effective solution to meet your needs; whether this be full replacement, replacement door leafs only or maintenance of existing doorsets.

All of our installation works are certified through third party accreditation registered installer of fire doors and doorsets.

In accordance with our third party accreditations we provide our clients with full certification, thereby providing assurances that all work has been carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions and/or installed to BS8214:2008.

Fire door services offered by team include:

Fire Door Surveys

We undertake full onsite inspections of existing doors, doorsets and screens, including vision panels and ironmongery, to check compliance with current legislation.

We assess Fire Risk Assessments and provide recommendations of remedial works necessary to achieve compliance.

We also provide advice on the suitability of maintenance to existing doorsets.

Fire Door Supply

We offer a wide range of fire doors and door and frame sets with the following properties:

  • Solid core FD30 or FD60 fire doorsets and security fire doorsets
  • A wide range of fire door designs and styles
  • Bespoke sizes of fire doors to meet customer requirements
  • Ironmongery, fully factory-fitted or site fitted, with a range of locking systems and finishes
  • Anti Ligature doorsets
  • Anti Barricade specialist doors and frames can be provided
  • Up to 10 year guarantee on doorsets and ironmongery
  • Doorset designs to take into account vandalism and forced entry
  • Timber products from sustainable sources with full chain of custody
  • Unlimited range of colours available.

Fire Door Maintenance

According to BS 8214:2008, (Code of practice for Fire Door assemblies), Fire Doors need to provide a similar level of fire resistance as the fixed elements of a building (i.e. walls and floors) and are evaluated by the same stringent procedures and criteria.

However, since Fire Doors are often opened and closed many times a day, their deterioration will be much faster, usually taking two main forms:

  • damage to the leaf or the components making up the assembly
  • wear in the building hardware, or a reduction in the effectiveness of fixings, causing the door to fail to self-close, thereby resulting in a breach of the fire barrier.

It is therefore very important to have periodic inspections and carry out any maintenance or repair any damage as
promptly as possible.

Fire Door Inspection

We can assist in regular inspection and maintenance of Fire Doors is essential to both comply with the Building Regulations and maintain a safe environment for all building occupants.

It is important to remember that all actions, defects and damage should be noted down against the relevant door identification number along with the suggested remedy and when it is/will be completed.

At the back of the guide we have included a Fire Door inspection checklist and a couple of useful tables to help you keep track of your checks, maintenance and remedies.

Fire Door Observation Checklist

Below is an example that of some useful observations that should be made for each of the fire doors in your facility at Maintenance solutions we can carry out a 22 point check against:-

Door Fully Closing

Does the fire door fully close & shut tight by use of its own self closing device?

No - remedial work is needed

Does the fire door slam shut with force?

Yes - Self closing device requires adjustment to dampen the closing action

Door Closer Operation

Has the door closing arm been separated from the frame?

Yes - Reaffix

Is there any oil leaking from the door Self Closing device

Yes - New closing device required

Door Handles

Is the door handle functioning correctly? Are they loose or missing?

Take appropriate action as necessary, including reporting to maintenance as a priority repair

Door Seals

Are the intumescent and/or cold smoke seals in good condition, not missing or damaged?

If damaged or missing must be replaced with like for like (contact manufacturer if not known)

Glazing in Door

Is the glazing in the fire door loose, does it rattle or is it broken?

Yes - requires replacing, contact manufacturer to determine whether it can be done on site

Are the Vision Panels in the door clear and unobstructed to provide safety to door users on both sides of the leaf?
No - requires immediate action

Door Hinges

Are the hinges in good condition? (missing screws? leaking oil?)

No - requires immediate action

Door Hold Open Devices

Electromagnetic hold open not working - units hanging off door or walls etc.

Yes - requires immediate repair

Is something wedging the door open?

Yes - remove obstruction, only an approved device complying with BS 5839 may hold open a fire door.

Maintenance Solutions are able to facilitate all fire door requirements please contact us for further information

  • Heathcare & secure environments
  • Secure and Seculsion Room Services
  • Building & Joinery
  • Groundworks
  • Electrical
  • Heating & plumbing
  • Anti ligature & secure services
  • White Rock PVC Wall Cladding

Hygienic wall cladding

Can be applied to new or old surfaces to provide a sealed clean room environment. It is often used to help comply with food industry regulations where there is a risk of hygiene issues.

Our PVC hygienic wall cladding is a UV stabilized material which offers active antimicrobial protection. PVC hygienic wall cladding is available in a range of colours and is fixed using a choice of drive rivets, adhesives and sealants. Hygienic wall cladding is available to buy online at PAR Direct by clicking the link above.


Interior wall cladding for use in schools, restrooms, airports, kitchens, food manufacturing facilities,
hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, clinics, abattoirs and livestock, poultry and dairy farms.

Key Features

  • Service Temperature: -10° to +50°C.
  • Fire Standards: EN 13501 B, s3, d0, BS 476/7 Class 0 and ASTM E 84 Class A.
  • Outstanding hygiene properties.
  • Class 0 fire rating.
  • Good chemical resistance and impact strength to -10°C.
  • Low maintenance and user-friendly.